Start-ups are as the new flavor of the season. Whether big or small, the trend of choosing the entrepreneurial path is moving all the way up on the graph. When the recession hit us bad in 2008 in India, it made people feel the need to vanish the idea of 'one job for life' and lead to a new era of startups whose idea was gathered from Silicon Valley - 'the home to thousands of start-up companies.'

Last few decades have witnessed a swift growth and an evolution of startups that has set a benchmark in the entrepreneurial zone. The speedy innovative and cumulative hike of startups have played a very vital role in establishing their businesses overseas as well. Many competent startups have capitalized their market overseas in the past few years and have sailed through success.

According to ‘The 2014 NASSCOM Startup Report’, India is one of the fastest growing and the third largest startup ecosystem. This accelerated boom of start-ups with the massive knowledge, technological advances, high global patterns, more handy resources and thriving domestic market would be the never ending tale, gaining more confidence and potential in the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

Tomorrow's India is an exceptional platform that would unleash an array of possibilities and aims at promoting such startup culture that is a huge economic asset. Tomorrow's India intends to provide a podium to represent India as a startup nation and give an opportunity for start-ups to showcase their ideas to potential investors and renowned names in the investment sector.

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