Agree with it or not, money is the lifeline of any business. While working on the capital for business, an investors meeting is what one has to hook on to which either can break or make money for the business. To seek a long term engagement with the investors, managing with the expectations of investors holds as a key asset.

What does an investor expects in the meet?

Every investor is different and has its own mind set towards investment and will invest in the potential businesses which has a strong and substantial market and an experienced management team. Not only he expects your services and products to be unique but also your best foot forward in ideology and expertise against the competitors for your business. Before making any treaty in a business, investor would surely look out for the evidence of your potential history and some significant advantages over your competitors which cannot be easily overpowered.

Other basic key areas on which an investor focuses about the company includes its market size, the market it addresses, its competitive position in the market, the growth of its capital structure and a clear exit strategy.


It is of prime importance to know your investor's inside story, what he looks for and in what kind of investments he had invested before. So map out your strong milestone process to present in front of the investors.

Be honest and confident about your business and your efficiency to accomplish. It would give them the assurance to believe in you as a profitable venture.

Investor is one of the potential client. So to make most out of this meeting, be equipped with all the statistics, data, presentations and graphics to effectively demonstrate the scheme.

Be prepared for any kind of questionnaire from the investors and accept his feedback in an optimistic manner.


Each investor needs time to understand your business strategy and goals. So do not push those seal the deal with you. Just follow up with emails and keep them updated.

Do not falsify and overdo about your company's accomplishments and performance. Let your facts and data do the talking/speak.

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