My Country My Music

The capital city of India witnessed the most spectacular amalgamation of Indian folk music with the project “My Country My Music” at the Tomorrow’s India Global Summit 2018.

Tomorrow’s India committed to producing unique contents aesthetically profound to the Indian roots, partnered with the project curated by Singer Shankar Mahadevan and his friends.

The only stage where the masters of the art folk music came together on a single stage to perform contemporary yet cultural piece of rich music. The ultimate aim of the project being cutting across the realms of the society, language barriers, music genres, caste, creed and religion.

The project featured talented musicians like Mame Khan, Chandan Shive, Rashika Chandrashekhar, Rajappa M & Anandita Paul alongside the master curator Mr. Shankar Mahadevan.


India is a country of rich arts, culture & heritage. India as a country has contributed to multiple global aspects in terms of inventions & discoveries

iBeatz, an initiative of Tomorrow’s India is specially crafted to identify the talents in different genres & mentor, empower and thereby inspiring the country's young and the youth.

iBeatz aims to break the tandem in the country and hence becoming the biggest platform to freely express the ideas, creativity, thoughts or talents.

India being the country of the invention of Zero(0) and as a tribute to the great mathematicians India has produced we begin “Mathsters of Tomorrow’s India” as our first project under iBeatz.


With iBEATZ, we aim to LISTEN & HELP the young minds develop their budding futuristic ideas – from root levels to action point, mentoring them in their journey. Our another chapter : ROBOCON is coming to your school/college, which aims to provide a platform to our young budding scientists who have a Key Product Idea for India.

The aim is to recognize aspiring scientists from various tech institutes to pursue their passion in futuristic technologies and break the stereotypical perception that only an IITian /NITian can become a scientist from India.

Stay with us for more information or write to us at contact@tomorrowsindia.com for participation.