iFuture (Bachcha Party)

IFUTURE (Bachcha Party)

India today is still struggling with the problem of illiteracy, but what about tomorrow. According to a recent report, the youth literacy rate, upto the age group of 24, is still 81.1% (84.4% among males and 74.4% among females), and will take another 123 years from now to make it a 100%.

In India, many children fail to receive a quality education. Although some children simply do not have access to a school, others are hindered for different socioeconomic reasons. Those fortunate enough to enroll often drop out owing to poor school infrastructure and curriculum. And some do not attend because of the low value their parents place on education.

Hence being an Indian, it’s also our shared responsibility to ensure that everyone around us atleast gets the basics of education. With this thought, Global Social (India) Foundation, initiated the iFuture Project, which aims at educating the unprivileged kids with a specially balanced curriculum of academics (English, Hindi & Mathematics) and engaging activities like vocational skills, so that they tomorrow live a world of opportunities with dignity and independently.

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The greatest investment of mankind is in its children. At the unfortunate end of an imbalanced world, exist many less privileged hearts – expressive, talented and spirited.

Setting the equation straight for all such less fortunate bachchas – Bachcha Party understands that at times, Secondary needs are also equally important as Primary Needs like food, shelter and clothes because it gives kids happiness, and we get satisfaction.

Hence Bachcha Party is an initiative to spread smiles, curated by the Global Social (India) Foundation team, where we spend a day every month living with these bundle of joys, to know what happiness is all about, singing, dancing, celebrating festivals and occasions like their birthdays, playing sports and games, hosting contests, treating them to on-demand food, teaching them moral values, and most importantly fulfilling their small tiny wishes.

Because we know that happiness is the key to success, and happiness in their lives will help them break through barriers of an unjust world. 

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Thank you for your willingness to donate to Global Social (India) Foundation – iFuture.

If you wish to educate and mentor a child today, all you have to pay is INR 365/- (Three Hundred & Sixty Five Rupees) annually, which is as low as Re. 1/day of your annual earrings. Call us today to donate or write to us at contact@tomorrowsindia.com.

If you want to join us for our next Bachcha Party or if you have a query regarding Corporate Funding (CSR), please write to us at contact@tomorrowsindia.com. For donations in kind, also drop us an email with your special requests, as any help is most welcomed. You can also visit our education center: Sector 52, Near Dhani Market, Gurugram.

You can also donate offline by making a cheque payable to Global Social (India) Foundation and mailing it to the following address:

Tomorrow’s India

Global Social (India) Foundation
5th Floor, Plot No – 97
Sector – 44
Gurugram – 122003, Haryana.

Thank you for your patience and support. Let’s start our small steps from India to Tomorrow’s India.