Tomorrow’s India – Global


A perfectly crafted four-day schedule gives the student best of international tutoring with advanced universities, engaging class environment, interesting curriculum, enriching social and cultural activities, and a creative approach which leaves you not just with a recognized certification but also with a lifelong impact.

Therefore, if you are a student falling in the age bracket of 18 to 27 years, and looking for a short term international program, Tomorrow’s India Global Summit 2018 is now accepting applications for Singapore, for the dates January 23 – 27, 2019.

What is in it for Students:

  • Get academic tutoring and certification from an internationally renowned University of Singapore.
  • Industry visits/career polishing group sessions for students to tickle and experience the working models of corporate.
  • Inter cultural programs to live the life at Singapore, their traditions and their customs.
  • Exchange with International Students to work on an inter-country post course project.
  • Hand-crafted for a small group of students to monitor and focus on each mind.
  • Get to experience and see the Singapore city live and in action through various sight visits.

Kindly write to us to participate:

Contact Number: +91 8826920995


One of the fastest growing economies of the world, India holds immense possibilities in its future that we collectively need to harness, for us and for the world. This is what Tomorrow’s India – Global aims at with the theme “Where Cultures Unite, Knowledge Evolves & Business Transcends Boundaries.”

The new age globalised world calls for a movement that brings us all together towards one common race – the Mankind. The greatest wealth of Mankind on the other hand, the only one that can make each and every one richer, is Knowledge. And this world can be a better place when the Knowledge we inherit is shared amongst all.

Tomorrow’s India Global provides an international platform for sharing this Knowledge which helps young minds foster further with exchange programs, educational tours, thought exchange sessions and mind stirring discussions. With a purely B2B Agenda, this project focuses in nurturing Indian businesses abroad and encouraging Indian entrepreneurs with funding and other basic growth supports.

This is the way that this globe will stabilize and hence, take off to its next level of evolution – the Knowledge revolution. And this revolution in action, for youth and experienced alike, will work in the realms of Culture, Knowledge and Business.

Hence this is the platform which lets you imagine, ideate and innovate not just in India, but internationally, because this is an intent of change and inspiration to act. This is the journey from India to Tomorrow’s India.


A combination of artistic, economic and educational activities, Spotlight Singapore is a platform of cultural diplomacy. It started with a cultural exchange programme to Hong Kong in 2006 and has travelled to Tokyo, Moscow, Cape Town, Bratislava-Prague and Mexico City in its subsequent editions. Every edition has been a celebration of cultural ties, business opportunities and knowledge experiences.

Spotlight has planned its next edition to be hosted in India, at New Delhi. This occasion will celebrate 50 years of partnership of the largest democracy of the world with the ASEAN countries. As Spotlight Singapore brings Singapore and its counterparts closer to the world, initiatives such as these will shape the World of the Future. The four-day exchange program between India and Singapore B2B counterparts is scheduled this year on March, 2019. For early bird registrations, kindly contact us.


Singapore gave an overwhelming response and strengthened Tomorrow’s India Global. So the very year, Tomorrow’s India travelled farther East with its second edition – South Korea, where 150 Indian Delegates & Tomorrow’s India was invited by the diplomats. The country with one of the highest post-graduation rates in the world, Korean ties with India were incepted to bring in opportunities in enormity for both the nations. In numbers greater than 150 business delegates and 40 students from India made way to the South East Asian giant with the 2-day Summit along with many from Australia, France, Japan and a few more nations. As international investors thronged the platform, Tomorrow’s India’s initiative helped secure funding for numerous promising start-ups - further tapping in a $10 billion opportunity in South Korea.


The philanthropic wing of the Global Social (India) Foundation, Tomorrow’s India Global took to its wings with its thoughtful platform in 2016, at Singapore. With a clear objective of opening up the Indian entrepreneurial scope to the globe, the first edition made a mark in history by bringing in 200 Small and Medium Enterprises from both the countries. As larger treasury of possibilities were discovered with this first ever feat, more than 350 Business leaders and 100 Heads of Indian businesses made the stage thump with a prosperous future in sight. Knowledge pools were inundated with intellects as students from leading B-schools took part in young entrepreneurial sessions delving deeper into the scope of business. Stronger ties and flourishing promises wrapped up the opening of a three days life-long affair.