Tomorrow’s India Global Summit

Tomorrow’s India Global Summit


Every human life holds a story of its own. One of dreams, struggle, actions, perseverance and victory - all for a cause. But not all heroes and their achievements find their way to the news-stands or a stage where the world is inspired by their tales of achievements. It has been always ordinary citizens who have risen above the rest with their deeds of goodness. Such extraordinary feats by courageous men and women make a nation great.

Our motherland, India, on its path of greatness will always need such of its sons and daughters. They will be the ushers of Tomorrow’s India. Hence, it is time to turn the spotlight.

Tomorrow’s India is now on its mission to discover 30 of India’s Heroes, who have been relentlessly guiding this nation towards a better future. Each of these stories will evoke the pride that resides in our hearts for our country. Each of these 30 tales will inspire more than 1.25 billion Indians to walk on the path of greatness.

As we all take gradual steps to a country where equality finds its mainstay; an inclusive society that stands undivided and free, let India’s HEROES lead us all to that dream of eternity. Let’s all welcome the Future of India – Tomorrow’s India.


The youngest bones shoulders the heaviest expectations. A nation is built by innocent minds and young blood – its children. The greatest investment of a nation is in its children. When they read well, the nation becomes sharper; when they are fed well, the nation becomes stronger and when they play well, the nation becomes healthier. India’s development is deep rooted in its toddlers and kids. Hence, to strengthen the young India for the promising days ahead, Tomorrow’s India strives to bring the best opportunities to the less privileged lot of this country.


Our endeavours are realizations of this very vision of an India where fearless hearts and courageous minds take shape with the formation of a happy childhood. Let’s all be inspired by the unadulterated imaginations and unconditional imaginations as that of a little child. Let’s all steps to offer them a India they deserve. That is the resolution of Tomorrow’s India.


A nation is an idea that exists in its citizens. India, the world’s largest democracy is on its path of resurgence as the Global Leader, once again. In this transformation, each of its citizens hold a responsibility of contributing in this nation building. Our Motherland needs it people. People who think, wish, discuss and express.

Expression is the key to change and not all find a way in their voices. Hence, Tomorrow’s India brings to all a platform to express in rhythm – India’s BEATZ - a platform for the young hearts of this country to let their ideas find the right audience.

As the nation’s youth expresses themselves on the colossal stage, India will pace ahead to feed its hungry bellies, educate the illiterates and equip the disadvantaged. Every mind will find its voice, every heart will make its space when you move to India’s BEATZ.

Classical, Jazz, Disco or Tribal, join us at India’s BEATZ for the right move to a promising insignia – Tomorrow’s India.